Who is Aaron Cottrell?

Tech, startups, travel and music – always looking to be a little out of my comfort zone.

As of Jan 2014 I’m travelling – exploring opportunities to live and work in Australia, the US and Asia. Previously I was in London (UK) working for social data startup PeerIndex in a product manager role.

My background is computer science and tech – I’ve found my groove working with fast moving product teams. I get to work on everything from product conception (vision, use cases) to delivery and iteration – obsessing over developing products people love.

Since my early twenties I’ve had the travel bug and when I’m not working, I like to head off on adventures all over the world. I’ve been lucky enough to go to some amazing places and hope to journey to a lot more.

Personal & Professional Portfolio

  • PeerIndex – A tech-startup looking to understand and connect people on the social web. My role: Originally client liasion and project delivery, then, bringing an API platform product and developer programme to market and finally, helping to find product market-fit for a SaaS audience insights product.
  • Interviewing the Influencers – Podcast series of free form chats with interesting people I pay attention to and that others advocate.
  • Tribewanted - An eco-tourism project like no other, Tribewanted develops sustainable communities across the globe. My role: Project management for a strategy & web platform revamp.
  • OuterArc – Small, innovative, green tech company. My role: Client liasion, business development, project delivery and a bit of tech (web app dev).
  • Nott Cast – Podcast I co-hosted with Ollie Carefull about business, tech & graduate life in Nottingham.

What’s on this site?

This is my personal site. I write about anything that comes to mind – places I visit, music I like, cool products & ideas, business & start-ups and everything in between.

Why have the site?

Ah, the why, good question. Well, I realised that I love writing and I love sharing things, especially when someone, even if it’s just one person, gets some value from it.

The site also serves as my own repository of thoughts and ideas, a constantly evolving digital time capsule that I can look back on in ten years and realise how naïve I was in my 20′s.

Other Internet Appearances