Time Flies By (as usual)

The 1st of February. Wow. Where did January go?!

It’s been a busy start to another year, here’s a few things I’ve managed to accomplish in the first month of 2012:

  • Started full-time role at PeerIndex to help manage & deliver PeerPerks program (graduating from the position of intern!)
  • Successfully ran PeerIndex’s first US Perk in conjunction with Abe’s Market, check it out here
  • Found a place to live in London (Putney) – I move in on Saturday
  • Caught up with progress on the Tribewanted.com project & am helping the dev team put together the upcoming platform
  • Read two really useful books & am halfway through a third (links to books & author twitter accounts below):
  • Booked a flight to Vancouver for May to visit my friend Simon
  • Fallen in love with the Kindle that my girlfriend bought me for Christmas, a commuting essential! (especially after pairing with Instapaper)
  • Went to the gym once (whoops!). More exercise next month I think!


So after this lot, I’ve paused to catch a breath before I bound into February! How was your January?