Write A Lot

This post is inspired by the words of Jeff Atwood who I saw speaking at the DevDays conference in London last October. Jeff’s actual words were something along the lines of:

Write a lot and take some time over it. Be a clear communicator, it clarifies your own internal thought processes

I’m all for getting better at things so, this blog is my attempt at writing more and hopefully writing more consistently. The advent of predictive text and spellcheckers seem to have done little for my grammar in recent years, something that is amusingly depicted in the TV series Californication, check it out:

I’m reading a book at the moment about Joe Kittinger and some of the vocabulary has me reaching for the dictionary. Reading (and writing) anything of substance always highlights to me the need to keep developing my grasp of the English language, lest I slip into the trap of using: ‘wern’t’, ‘could of’ and ‘dunno’ all the time.