Buzz words that aren’t going away

Gamification – “the concept of applying game-design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging.” (defn.)

Good examples: Foursquare (earning badges and social kudos through checking in at locations), Nike+ (Turning running into a game, clock up miles and share your achievements with your friends)

More info on Gamification here.

A screenshot from a LinkedIn group I'm a member of

(Social) Influencer – A person who’s actions or activities (typically, those shared online) impact others within their network/community/area of expertise, either through raising awareness of said activities and/or driving action. (defn. mine)

I’ve seen examples popping up everywhere from the work I’m involved in at PeerIndex. Gamification also plays a big part in social influence platforms like PeerIndex and Klout – “Has my score gone up?” “What new topics am I recognised as influential in?”

Why is so much data being crunched on who is and isn’t an influencer (and in what context or community)? Well, achieving word of mouth advocacy through targeting and engaging influencers on social media is a powerful and more authentic way for brands to reach the masses – that’s something every brand wants a piece of, whether they know it yet or not.

More info on Influencer Marketing here.