Internet Trends

At the end of every year, Mary Meeker, partner at the venture capital firm KPCB, puts together a presentation that serves as an internet status report – identifying and commenting on current and likely future trends in the tech space.

2012 was no different and you can find Mary’s complete presentation (updated in December 2012) embedded in the slideshare below:

2012 KPCB Internet Trends Year-End Update from KPCB

Earlier this week, I attempted to pick out some headline points from Mary’s 88 slide presentation (and some other complementary ideas) that caught my eye. I then presented them as a summary to the PeerIndex team as part of our monthly Lunch & Learn.

I had fun doing it (challenging myself not to include any of Mary’s ~30 graphs/charts in my presentation!) and thought I would share a few of my summary observations report here:

  • Emerging markets are arriving at the table to be served, what’s cooking?
  • Yes, we’ve all heard it, mobile/tablet rapidly eroding desktop internet usage – build for that
  • If you’re lucky enough to have people using your service, they want the benefits of usage, 2 minutes ago. No waiting, just seamless service (think Hailo). If I transact on your site, or increasingly with your app, you better show me a result, instantly, or at least appear as though you do (automated order confirmation email), if not, I’m gone and I might tell the 500 friends I’m connected to not to bother as well
  • Expectations on (social) customer service are going through the roof (think train company twitter accounts) – build automated tools & data services to take care of 80% of requests
  • Got the keys to the social data warehouses? Make the most of it and get it right – businesses and consumers will be queueing up