Nott Cast

“Start something you love.”

The theme from Escape the City’s 2011 party.

I, along with my friend, Ollie Carefull started Nott Cast back in May – a regular video podcast talking about business, technology, life after university in Nottingham and lots more. As the name suggests, we record it in Nottingham and talk about Nottingham based events but the majority of the discussion transcends just one location.

I feel like it offers a place to learn and share, outside of face-to-face events, presented (informally) by two young guys that (probably) don’t really know what they’re talking about.

The inspiration came to me from a variety of sources. Firstly, Adam Bird, a known face to many in the Nottingham tech scene, he’s the founder of Nott Tuesday and distinctly of the attitude, if it doesn’t exist, create it.

Secondly, I really enjoy listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast – it’s a free form discussion about anything and everything (not always for the faint hearted!). Thirdly, the king of content creation, certainly in Nottingham, if not the world, Phil Campbell – another member of the “just get it done and put it out there” camp.

I suggested the podcast idea to Ollie, who I’d only recently met at a Nott Tuesday event but stayed in touch with and he thought it sounded interesting. Ollie is a forward thinking guy (to say the least) and anyone who has watched the podcast will see the perplexed look I often have as Ollie explains some inevitable part of human-technology evolution.

After recording the first podcast at the end of May with slight apprehension that we might run out of things to say pretty quickly,¬† we’re now 5 episodes in and things are going well.¬†Discussion flows pretty freely, with little to no planning and a couple of people are even watching/listening to it! We’ve done it all with a laptop, iMovie (just for capturing and encoding, we don’t edit) and a Vimeo plus account.

Most importantly, we both enjoy doing it. It’s a designated time where we can sit down and discuss anything interesting. I always listen back to the podcast the day after we record it because I enjoy hearing the discussion and learning something from it.

Check out the Nott Cast website here.

All the episodes are also available on the Nott Cast vimeo channel here.