3 month check-in

A snap I took whilst running through Yarra Park yesterday morning.

It’s been 3 months since Leah and I boarded a plan at Heathrow to try our hand at living abroad.

We had about 15kg of luggage between us, Australian work holiday visas and not much else.

Since then we’ve passed through Thailand, visited Malaysia and Indonesia and made our way to Melbourne. I’ve even managed to spend 2.5 weeks in San Francisco!

Whilst travelling through Malaysia and Indonesia I applied for a few jobs. After a couple of Skype interviews from Bali, a plane ride, an interview and a bit more Skype action, I was offered a product role at Zendesk which I accepted. There’s a lot of scope and more than a few things to work out but I’m excited and am really enjoying it.

Leah and I are really enjoying Melbourne too – so many parks and a laid back vibe (it also helps when you turn up in the middle of summer).

So far no looking back, roll on the next 3 months!

See some photos of the journey so far on my travel tumblr

Leaving on a jet plane…


Image: nickerwin

In just over a month’s time my girlfriend Leah & I will be taking a one-way flight to Bangkok.

We’re going to try living (and working) abroad for a little while and will be documenting the experience at http://nomad.acottrell.com

The last 2 years in London have been amazing, especially working alongside some super talented people at PeerIndex.

Why the move?

Well, I wrote some thoughts on that last monthessentially, life’s short, time’s moving on, why not.

The working plan at the moment is to fly to Bangkok, spend New Year’s Eve there, head down to Malaysia for a week before flying to Australia, likely Melbourne (we have working-holiday visas).

If anyone knows any interesting people we should meet along the way, get in touch!