Next stop: Sierra Leone

My attempt at packing for two weeks on an African beach...

I’ve had nearly all my jabs, I’ve started taking my malaria tablets and as the picture above shows, I’ve started packing. On Friday I head to Sierra Leone with my friend Cally to join up with the other founding tribe members of John Obey Beach as part of the new TribeWanted project.

This will be my second TribeWanted experience after I was lucky enough to visit Vorovoro (TribeWanted’s Fiji island) in 2008. I expect this experience will be totally different. The Fiji project was nearly two years in when I visited, accommodation huts had been built, the showers were just about complete and I had a bed, complete with mosquito net. This time I’ll have a borrowed tent on the beach to call home.

For me, TribeWanted is a a cross between volunteering, eco tourism and an insight into local cultures. I had an incredible time in Fiji when I was there and I jumped at the chance to be part of the new project when Cally mentioned it to me. I’ll be in Sierra Leone for just over two weeks so I’ll have a fair amount of time to get involved

I’m not exactly sure what to expect but, I’m really looking forward to being a ‘first footer’, I see it as an amazing opportunity to lay the foundations (quite literally) for a unique community in a part of the world I never thought I’d have the chance to visit. I’m sure I’ll meet some amazing people along the way as well, see you soon Sierra Leone.

More photos/posts to follow. For more info on the project, follow TribeWanted on twitter here.