So much for the January blues…

Wow. It’s been a busy (but good) month. After a really good Christmas break, January started off getting back into the swing all things OuterArc. We launched Telewatts about two weeks ago, our web-based renewable energy display, aimed at the promotion of energy generated from solar panels and wind turbines. A big thanks to everyone that helped critique the site once it went live.

I also did a video interview (see below) with Nottingham based social media guru Phil Campbell. We talked about Telewatts and the background of OuterArc. Phil is a cool guy who’s involved in lots of different things including fibrecamp and his one year, live-in social media experiment, the living ark. Check them both out, you can also follow Phil on Twitter here.

What else have I been up to? Well, I’m continuing with my Spanish lessons and I’m really enjoying it as something different to challenge myself with. I’ve found a little bit of practice/study between the lessons has really helped as well as listening to the Rocket Spanish audio lessons.

I also went to the Escape the City Winter Party in London. It was a really entertaining night, all the speakers relayed the difficulties they had faced during their journeys and underlined the importance of persistence and never giving up. You can seem a summary of the points they made in this post on the Escape the City blog.

I took another trip down to London to catch up with my fellow first footers from Tribewanted Sierra Leone. It was great to see everyone again and catch up with Susan before she ventured back out to the shores of John Obey. Unfortunately Susan wasn’t able to take the football kit I lugged down on the train to donate to the village boys but, I’m assured it will be heading out there with Cally and Mike in April.

After a day with the TribeWanted guys, I caught up with some old university friends who I hadn’t seen in ages. We had a good laugh and a catch up, it’s was interesting to hear how the guys are getting on in the big corporates while I’m beavering away in a small start up.